What is the best baby gear for baby's first year?

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Planning and having a baby is a daunting task in itself and hunting for the best baby gear on top of that is a little too overbearing for new moms. When the baby comes out, it is good to have a few items that will make life easier for you and your little one. What baby gear are “must haves” and which ones can be skipped?

This is question that most new moms ask and has a high search rate on the internet. The answer to that question depends on personal experience as each baby is different. While some babies prefer a particular gear like a swing, others may completely ignore it. We just have to go with the basics initially and try to judge later on as to what our baby might prefer and then invest in it.

While some people say that the bare essentials worked for them, we personally found that we could not live without the swing and bouncer. Our baby spent most of her day in the bouncer and most of the night in her swing. I cannot begin to imagine how we would have managed without either of these gears. The swing also worked for colicky babies and helps them sleep.

People also invest in an expensive fashionable cribs but find that the baby co-sleeps in the bed most of the time and this was an expenditure that could have been avoided. I think bottles can also be bought later on if the baby needs to be formula fed. If the mom had chosen to breastfeed the baby, then bottles are an unnecessary expenditure.

The carseat and stroller are important to buy since the hospital does not allow the baby to go home without a carseat. It is also very important to buy a new car seat that has not been preused for safety purposes. One could also save money by combining the car seat and the stroller and getting a travel system. Again with the travel system, there are several different options and one has to research extensively as to which ones to buy. I also know a few moms who bought two or three different strollers before they found the one that worked for them.

When the baby gets a little bigger, parents need to invest in a good high chair. This again works for some and does not work for others. Our baby refused to be fed in the high chair and it served more as a decorative piece in the house than anything else. Some other gears that people purchase are a jumperoo and a play gym. These are not essential items and can be got if you have too many close relatives and friends who want to gift these items to you. Some people also invest in baby monitor but these are not necessary for those who co sleep or sleep very close to their child.

In short, from personal experience, the best baby gear that are a must have are the swing and the car seat. Anything else can be an extravagance and can be avoided.

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