How Do You Care For Newborn Babies?

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Care for newborn babies is a rewarding task. Newborn babies are bathed with a lot of care and love. Newborns don't need an actual immersion in a tub of water because they are not that dirty to begin with. They just need a sponge bath that will give a feeling of freshness and removal of natural oils that are given off by the body.

There are some factors to consider before you bathe a newborn. You must choose the time of day that is warm and not cold. Usually, between 10am-12pm is a good time. You must choose a part of the house you're going to bathe the baby where you will also be comfortable especially when doing this for the first couple of times. The area you should plan to bathe the baby should be on a flat, stable platform where you can place a tub or basin, and an area right beside where the towel and baby accessories is within reach.

The towel and clothing should be close by so that you can cover and clothe the infant immediately after the bath to avoid exposure to cold temperature. When doing this for the first time, make sure that you have an extra hand, someone to assist in handing the baby wash, sponge or towel even just for the first time. You should consider the general condition of the infant before giving the bath. Make sure that the infant is fully awake. Be aware if the infant has a cough or cold before the bath. Be careful with the umbilical cord, because in some cases the pediatrician has some care instructions when treating the umbilical cord.

Before the actual bath, prepare the area with all the materials you are going to need. A baby bath tub or small basin will do. Another basin at the side where you will have your warm water that you're going to use to bathe the baby. You will need a baby wash, liquid soap or in some cases a hypoallergenic baby wash for sensitive babies. A small face towel or soft sponge should be ready. A baby towel with the hood for covering the infant's head should be placed nearby where the baby will be placed immediately after the bath. Then the baby clothes, mittens, and baby boots should also be ready.

When holding the baby, place the head inside the palm and the body should be supported with the inner arm. The other hand should be in support of the infant. Place the infant in the bath tub or basin always supporting the head. Do not let go of the baby's head, always have your hand supporting the baby's head. The other hand will be used for the actual bathing, holding the baby wash, sponge or towelette.

First, use the sponge to wet the baby with the warm water from the other basin. Drop some baby wash on the baby's body and gently lather the whole body starting from the head downwards. Then rinse off using the sponge. Be sure not to drop water in the baby's ears by using the thumb and small finger to close the ears when rinsing the baby with the sponge. After rinsing, immediately cover with a towel and pat dry.

Always have the head covered with the hood especially when you're going to transfer the infant to another room for dressing. Then, you can dress the baby. Use of baby oils, baby powders and baby oils is optional. Showing care for newborn babies is a great and rewarding experience. It develops a bond between the mother and child and during these moments the infant can feel the love and warmth from the mother or father.

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